Is there a Regal Majesty State pageant in my state?

We are so excited  that you want to represent your state at Regal Majesty Pageants.  Your state does not have a state pageant, but you can still join us at ​the national pageant by becoming an appointed State Queen!

Appointed State Queen

If you are selected as your states awarded title , you will receive the Official Regal Majesty State Crown and Official Embroidered State Sash with your State and your age divisional title approximately 4 weeks from the awarded title fee had been paid You will also receive a credit of $200 off of your 2018 National Fees! Held in the Beautiful city of Seaside,Oregon! If you are selected, you will need to register as a National Contestant . The National Registration tab on this website . You should begin paying on your national account once you've been awarded your state title. Upon receiving your crown and sash, you may start representing your state in community events an social activities.

Why become a State Appointed Queen?

By becoming appointed state queen this way, you get all of the benefits of being a state titleholder, without having to compete and win at a state pageant.  We take all appointed titles on a first come, first served basis. We only appoint one Queen Per age Group,  So if you want to represent your state there is no time like the present.  Join now!  Get out there and represent your title ,by attending events, organizing your own community service projects , Have any friends that might want to hold a appointed state title?  Try to find a full court ! The more the merrier!  Its a great mother and daughter experience (family discounts available )

0-2 years Baby Miss

3-4 years Tiny Miss

5-6 years Little Miss

7-9 years Petite Miss

10-12 years Pre teen

13-15 Jr years Preteen

16-20 years Teen

21-29 years Miss

30 years and over Women 

Age Groups:

After clicking submit , please click on the Buy Now button to complete your application.If any reason you are not selected , a full refund will be refunded to you .