Spotlight Issue 4

March 9, 2018

Today our spotlight issue focuses on Regal Majesty International Petite Queen, Ginny Burgess.  At age 9 she is embracing the community service spirit with open arms.



As early as July 2017, just a few short weeks after being crowned an International Queen, she was sorting clothes at the local Sanpete County clothing bank. Then after a long day of celebrating her


9th birthday she headed to a local football game to collect donations to help Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas.  
















Ginny’s heart focuses on community service which shows in her December 2017 outreach for Children’s Hospital.  She has named her program Primary Panda.  She collects funds then

purchases toys for children in the hospital.  This past year her grand total came to $1,106 worth of toys!







Ginny also enjoys volunteering at brother’s preschool, playing with the children and teaching them sign language.


This past February, Ginny and sister queen Guinevere teamed up with Gunnison Elementary School to raise over 556 lbs of food, which totaled $779 to their local food bank, Sanpete County.  As a result of her efforts, Ginny was able to reward Mrs. Anderson's 5th grade class for their help with an ice cream party.
















Then shortly thereafter Ginny and her family helped raise donations for a friend’s family affected by the recent Tonga Hurricane.  Thousands of donations were shipped as a result of her efforts.





There is no telling where this 9-year old will be in the next ten years, but I’m guessing she will still be involved in community service with a heart like that.


















Way to go Ginny! #RaisingLeaders #LeadByExample #RegalMajesty

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