Spotlight Issue 3

February 23, 2018


What do you think it means to be a queen?


            Being a queen is not about the crown or the sash or the presents you get when you win, but it is about helping others, making new friends and becoming a better community together.  I don’t want to win a crown, stick it on my shelf and look ahead to the next pageant.  I try to think how I can make a difference with this title.  My mom always reminds me that little kids look up to me and I want to be a good example of a kind, helpful queen and encourage them. 


What role does volunteering play in being a queen?


            Volunteering will, and is helping our world.  I love volunteering as much as I can.  I notice when I stand in front of grocery stores and ask for donations to the food bank, or gather bedside activities for cancer patients at Seattle Children’s Hospital, people always comment how cute I am.  I have even served dinner several nights at homeless shelters (while standing on a stool).  Right now my small size helps me with some aspects of volunteering, but when I want to help with animal shelters there is always an age limit.  I know when I get older I will be able to do more and make more of an impact.


            I love giving back to others.  I have been able to help at Christmas parties for Veteran’s families, hand water bottles to runners at charity 5Ks, and hundreds of other opportunities.  While some of these activities make a huge impact, I know I still make a small impact every time I encourage another contestant at a pageant, or help a friend at school with their math homework, or mediate a fight on the playground, or serve in the Lost and Found Squad at school.  My world is full of opportunities to pitch in and help everywhere I look.




Do you have any role models?


            Over the years I have been crowned as sister queens to such amazing ladies and looked up to so many of them, watching how they treated me, carried me around on their hip when I was shy or my feet were tired at parades, and how they treated others.  Queens like Taylor Mann, Sylvia Coulson, BreAnna Smith, Breanna Kauffman, and Stormy Keffler,

Right now I have been spending a lot of time with Regal Majesty International Woman Mandy Bruce who is an amazing leader, sister queen and outstanding mother.  When I attend pageants with her I notice how she helps everyone around her and she is always smiling.  I look up to her every day.


What is next for you?


            Being the Regal Majesty International High Point Queen has been amazing and I couldn’t be the queen I am if I was looking forward to the next pageant.  This year I have had so many amazing adventures and I am sad for my reign to come to an end in July.  But each title I hold doesn’t change my heart for volunteering and making a difference in the world, it only changes my platform.  So watch out for me world, I’m destined for great things!



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