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February 3, 2018

Your first ever spotlight lands on Regal Majesty International Miss, Kiana Wegner!


Recently Kiana has focused her volunteer work on local Lake Stevens elementary school, Sunnycrest.  Growing up in Lake Stevens area she wanted her volunteer efforts to be close to home.  Now working in their school library, Kiana has set up a “Makers Space.”  This is a design and creation station that kids can choose to go to instead of recess.  This space provides a creative outlet for kids to work with their hands and create original works of art.


When Kiana took over the Makers Space she came up with a few sample projects for the kids to work on and presented it to the library team.  With their approval, they gather materials that the students might need to construct their projects.  Kiana teaches at the school for several days in a row explaining the new project and walking them through the steps to help make their ideas come to life.  Each student starts out with their own unique version of the project after reviewing the end-goal, then spends all week perfecting their individual masterpieces of art.


Kiana loves helping the kids all week and watching their projects take shape from start to finish.  Her aspiration is community service and expressing herself creatively, something she learned at a young age.  Her goal is to generate a safe place for kids to convey themselves artistically and establish the type of program she would have liked to participate in when she was a child.


Kiana’s pageant platform is Arts Education and she feels this type of volunteering fits what she loves to do perfectly.  It is encouraging to see the children who come in from recess to play video games on the computer leave their digital stimulation and head over to create art with her!

She is passionate about what she does and excited to come up with more amazing projects to inspire kids!


Great job Kiana for being a leader in your local community. #RaisingLeaders #RegalMajesty

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