Start off 2017 with the gift of service !

January 3, 2017


What will you do in 2017?

At Regal Majesty we feel that representing a title means more then just a Crown and Sash.....

Its all fun and magical when you win a title.......... after the high wears off then you really see what you are made of.

Do you use your title for good? Or is the title only worn as a shiny accessory ? Only to be worn for "fun " events or a photo opportunity ...then neatly put back in the crown case until the next "crown and sash photo opportunity " .

Are you the type of person who is a self starter? Who not only volunteers yourself....... you try to get your other royalty sisters , friends and family involved ?

or do you sit around  and complain that there is nothing to do? 

Giving back is the best feeling! its feels better then winning a crown, that feeling fades fast but the feeling of giving of yourself ...lasts so much longer!

Thank you to all the royalty all over the world every pageant system all over who gives of their heart and gives the gift of service!!  Remember

 " One moment of time can change someones LIFE!" ! 

What will you do in 2017?