Preliminary Competition Requirements

Thank you so much for deciding to take your time to be a part of Regal Majesty Pageants. We trust you will find your participation in our program a rewarding and fun filled experience.

Regal Majesty is Semi Natural- This means that we want to see contestants look their age. We want to see each contestant show their personality through their moves during their modeling and during their personal introductions and on stage questions. We are looking for the total package. Please carefully study our pageant rules and regulations so that you are prepared. Not following rules can cause low scores, or point deductions.

Age Divisions: Age as of the day of the pageant. There are no fallbacks. Age divisions may be combined at director’s discretion. If this is necessary it will be announced at the beginning of the pageant. You may bump up to the next age level with the director permission, you cannot go back down in age once you bump up.

Age divisions are: 

0-2 years

3-4 years

5-6 years

7-9 years

10-12 years

13-15 years

16-19 years

20-29- years 

30 years and up

Stage Appearance:

Modeling formation is a straight T with 3 x’s on the back of the stage and 1 X at the front of the stage. You may also work the front of the stage, as long as you use the capital I pattern. This is used for Beauty and Fun Fashion. Pattern may be reversed based on venue.

(0-2 years) Must be escorted on stage. No intro, not even by parent.

(3-4 years) May escort on stage, not required. Must have one parent backstage at all times. No intro, not even by parent.

(5-6 years) Must go onstage alone. May have a parent backstage. No excessive coaching from backstage or the audience, points will be deducted.No intro, not even by parent.

(All other Age Divisions) NO COACHING from backstage or the audience (points will be deducted)

Note that Rising Star Division may have these adjusted according to the needs of their disability.


Areas of Competition


  • Personal Introduction: In their beauty dress, at the 1st X on the stage, the contestants will present a personal introduction. Judging them on their confidence, personality and ability to speak on stage. Introductions should include their name, age, and something about themselves. Please keep them 45 sec or less. NEW RULE  Ages groups 0-2, 3-4 and 5-6 yrs WILL NOT do introduction nor will the parents .)

  • Beauty: After the contestant’s personal introduction is finished (ages 7yrs and up ) , she will now start her beauty walk in the pattern provided. Contestants are allowed to wear most style of dresses for this event. Sunday Dresses to Formals are all allowed. Cupcakes and High Glitz are not allowed. Rhinestones are allowed as long as they don’t make the dress High Glitz. The style, length, color or brand of dress should not be taken into consideration when scoring this event. Circles and turns are allowed, judges are looking for poise confidence, bright natural smile and eye contact. 1 min or less. We will provide music.

  • Fun Fashion: Attire should be age appropriate hip, fun, trendy and creative. Judges may take a deduction for inappropriate attire. Think high fashion and fun what you would want to see on the runway! Think Fashion! Follow the Stage Pattern. Judges will consider modeling ability, personality, smile and stage presence. This is not a dance routine, but model walking. No dancing, cartwheels etc. No props. 1 min or less. We will provide music. Contestants will be judged on modeling ability, poise, overall grooming, smile and eye contact and creativity. Their presentation should use a combination of step-step turns, step backs and circle turns, etc. They may put their hands-on hips. And have fun! Runway modeling is strongly encouraged, modeling like NAM National American Miss. We are not a glitz Pageant so Glitz modeling is not encouraged. Glitz modeling is what you see on Toddlers and Tiaras, Glitz routines would be characterized by extreme facials, Extreme over animated sassy walks, Spins and Step backs with wrist flicks and excessive facial poses and excessive facial gestures and heel stretches.

  • On Stage Question:   NEW RULE!  For ages 7 yrs and up, one random age appropriate question will be read out loud to the contestant , the contestant then will answer the question into the microphone. We want the answers to be candid, not rehearsed. The contestant should answer and elaborate her answer. Try to avoid one word answers. contestant  should elaborate on her answer, The judges are trying to get to know you so be yourself and don't be afraid to talk!  (AGES 0-2 and 3-4 and 5-6 yrs contestants or parents WILL NOT do on stage questions.)

  • Mini Awards:Included in entry fee (per age division) Best Hair, Best Eyes, Best Smile, and Most Regal (graceful and poised)


These events do not combine with the overall score or high point award these are just extra fun events to enter. They have an add-on charge and have prizes separate than the overall pageant.

  •  Head Shot or Full Body Photo contest

                                              $10 for one  Photogenic  Entry or $20 Photogenic Entry (up to 6 photos)

    If entering Photogenic, please bring in 8x10 black and white or color photos to the check in/registration, Please make sure your NAME and AGE is written on back of each photo. You will receive your photos back after they have been judged . 

What are the photos judged on?

Photos will be judged on overall quality of the picture,  eye contact, expression.  Photos may have stray hairs removed, or minor blemishes removed, but they should not be over digitized. Photos should be natural and show good composition.  Missing teeth, braces are okay (it’s all part of growing up)will have a photogenic winner (if one is entered)  

Each age group photogenic will win a medal.

There is one overall photogenic high point winner, that will be the photo that scored the highest from all photos entered, the winner will receive a crown & sash.

Talent: $20

 Talent performances should entertain the audience. Time limit for talent is 2:30 for ages 6 years and younger talent is 1;30 min. You do not need to use the whole time, dance costumes are allowed but please keep them modest. No knives, swords or potentially dangerous routines are allowed. Talent winners is per age division. Each division winner will receive a crown or trophy award. Division may be combined at directors discretion.

Music should be cut to the required length.

Please bring the track you will using on a disc or a thumb drive .

Please label the song  as a example : "Ashley Berginc talent -a whole new world"


                                                                                      Theme Wear: $20

Each prelim will have a theme wear competitions that will be posted on the website.  General Theme wear rules-be creative and have fun show personality! Theme wear should be creative and original. Show your personality both with your outfit and your modeling. These are a Modeling score and Creativity score. Hats are okay as long as we can still see your face. Please make sure your outfit is age appropriate and modest. You may have a prop on stage for theme wear. Props must be set up within 30 seconds (no Glitz modeling pro-am, flips or gymnastic moves) YOU MAY BRING YOUR OWN MUSIC FOR ALL THEME WEARS! 1 min or less.

Please bring the track you will using on a disc or a thumb drive .

Please label the song  as a example : "jane doe- theme wear- lets do the twist "

This is modeling with a theme, it’s not a talent. Meaning it’s not singing, dancing, gymnastics or acting. Deductions will be given for doing a talent during Theme Wear.


There is theme wear winner in the age group range of  0-6 yrs theme wear winner wins a crown and sash and one runner up if more than 4 entered wins a crown  also.

There is theme wear winner in the age group range of  7yrs and over. The theme wear winner wins a crown and sash and one runner up if more than 4 entered wins a crown also.

Yes, you could possibly win in each category, and still place in overall pageant. Since these scores do not affect each other, or placement scores either.

Hair and Makeup: We are a semi natural, 99% of pageants do allow some cosmetics due to theater lighting, so we allow the contestants to wear makeup that is age appropriate. We want to teach our children they are naturally beautiful. No fake hair, no falls or wiglets, no clip in hair, If you have sewn in or glued in extensions and wear those as your daily hair style and it looks like your natural hair, that is allowed. No fake teeth. Ages 13+ may wear lashes. Age 7+ may spray tan. 

General Rules: 

  • No bringing food, treats, toys, electronic on stage. No chewing gum or candy on stage, points will be deducted.

  • Please be on time if you are called on stage and you are not in line up, you will go at the end of the age group and if you are still not in line then you will have to wait to the end of the next age group and points may be deducted. It’s your responsibility to check back and see the progression of the pageant. It is not our responsibility to find you and tell to come to line up. The final decision is made by the director if the contestant will be deducted for the tardy do to any unforeseen circumstance. 

  • Remember that points may and will be deducted for not following rules, or displaying bad sportsmanship.

  • Please make sure your outfit is age appropriate and modest. Hats are okay as long as we can still see your face. Styles are changing and we like to keep up with the trends, So new rule; 2 piece fun fashion and beauty are allowed in age groups 10 years and up as long as no more than 1 ½ inch of the waist shows.


At Regal Majesty ALL CONTESTANTS Win a Beautiful Tiara and custom participation clear award.

High Point

Age 0-6 is not eligible. This is the highest combined score of the mandatory categories. You win the high point crown, Sash, a Certificate for $100 off your  Regal Majesty Royal State Fees. You accomplished an amazing goal, you cannot win in any other Regal Majesty Prelims, but you can come and compete in Score Card . You will receive your scores and participation crown. This way you still keep in practice for your upcoming  State Finals and 2019 Nationals


1st place in each age division receives Tiara and Sash, and custom clear award or trophy  also a $50 Certificate off your State Finals Event. If you win queen at any prelim you can compete at another preliminary , only the high point winners can not compete but can compete for Scorecard. 

Princess-2nd in your Age division: Tiara and custom clear award or trophy

Duchess-3rd in your age division: Tiara and custom  clear award or trophy

Countess Court-all remaining contestants in division: Tiara and custom clear award or trophy

Remember that Divisions may be combined at the director’s discretion if numbers are low in the division.

State Finals : Anyone can come to the State Finals . All are invited! We hold prelims throughout the year to introduce pageantry to see if it’s something you and your daughter will enjoy. Prelim are great low cost introduction to pageantry, they are great ways to gain experience, make friends and have bonding time with each other. You do not have to participate or win in a prelim to attend state or Internationals. State Winners will be required to attend Internationals.

Public speaking: This is an important part of Regal Majesty, at the prelim level we have Introduction and a stage question which both requires the ability to speak in front of a group and to help learn eye contact and how to think on your feet. All traits we will use throughout our lives. Being Regal is more than just a pretty face.

Prelim Certificates: You may use up to 2 queen certificates (totaling $100) or 1 High Point certificate off your State Finals. Certificates are non-transferable, and are not accepted for Nationals. You may not combine these certificates with early bird, sibling discounts, or any other discount offered.