Little Cinco de Mayo Pageant

MAY 2nd, 2020 (sat) 


 Regal Majesty has had a close relationship with the Community of Sunnyside Washington,  Regal Majesty loves to celebrate the diverse cultures , that makes our great country great!! We are honored that A & A Promotions has invited us to put on a fun and festive Cinco de Mayo pageant ,during their large Cinco de Mayo Festival.

Competition Events:

Formal wear- Long or short dress is acceptable .

You will model on stage in a T Pattern , you may work the front of the stage, Remember to look at the judges and smile, Remember this is not about perfection it's about being confident and having fun! 

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta theme wear: This is a theme wear that meant be fun and festive! Be creative... judges will be scoring on creativity and originality . If you have your own Cinco de Mayo theme wear music (to match your theme) you may bring it on a your phone or  thumb drive (make sure it's labeled with NAME and AGE)


After scores are tabulated, We will crown a Cinco de Mayo Queen of each age group: The queen in each age group will receive a crown and sash and trophy award. Runners up will receive a runner up crown. We also will be awarding a Cinco de Mayo  Fiesta Queen with the highest scores combined of all the age groups !

  •      2020 Miss Cinco Fiesta Queen 

  • 0-2yrs Miss Cinco Queen 

  • 3-4yrs Miss Cinco Queen

  • 5-6yrs Miss Cinco Queen

  • 7-9yrs Miss Cinco Queen

  • 10-12yrs Miss Cinco Queen 

*Mini optionals are medallions ot trophies.  








  Tentative schedule  

(times may slightly vary)

9:30-10:50 Check in /registration 

11:00  Formal wear

11:30 Cinco de Mayo theme wear


Break (go find the best churro vendor and a glass of horchata  yummy)

1:30  Crowning and Photos 

  • *The director had the right to combine age groups if needed. 

  • Please bring cash to pay your balance if you have not already paid in full, If NOT paying in cash a 5% fee will be added for Credit card payments at the Check in at the pageant.

  • Please remember this is a Outdoor festival pageant ,on a stage , there is a chance it could be windy. 

  • A indoor changing area will be provided for outfit changing , we are enforcing only ONE Pareant/Chaperone in the changing area to help with your contestant . No men allowed 

  • All decisions of the judges are final .

  • This is not a Regal Majesty Prelim, this is a special event put on by Regal Majesty for the Sunnyside Cinco de Mayo Festival 

Check out our sponsors facebook page for more Sunnyside Cinco event information.