January 2, 2019

Each year we all start saying "this year I will ... or  this year I wont"

Some of us start out with good intentions but as the days go by our good intentions go out the window.

Audrina Campos 2018-2019 Regal Majesty National Jr High point queen has been making a difference in her community, not just a few days after New Years but is active in her community helping all year long.

Audrina loves her community of Sunnyside , Washington and hopes she can inspire other to give back also. 

Here are just a few of the events she has helped at .

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June 26, 2018

Miss Utah Preteen Queen, Alyssa Ray, is setting the volunteer standard. 

In 2014, Alyssa began volunteering in many different activities and started to understand that serving others comes from the heart. She not only fell in love with volunteering, but realized how important it was whether you are a queen or not. She emphasizes to her current sister queens that they should continue to serve in their communities even after their titles and pageant days are long gone.

Every Wednesday night for a year, Alyssa volunteered at a special-needs school in the Community Ed Program helping people with special needs learn life skills such as cooking, organizing, staying healthy, exercising, etc. From there she had the idea to start a new group with her mother, Sister Queens for Life: Sisters in Service. Her group includes past present and future queens, all pageantry girls who love to serve others and want new opportunities as a group.

Alyssa and her Sister Queens for Life curren...

June 11, 2018

On June 2, 2018, Regal Majesty Oregon Director, Crystalina Arceneaux, hosted her first preliminary pageant in Salem, Oregon.

The contestants had a blast celebrating summer and rocking the stage, but it was more than just about the crown and fun.  The charity pageant accepted donated items for the Marion County Victim Assistance Unit.  The contestants were able to collect over 1,400 hygiene items for those in need.  Approximately 800 items were personally collected by the newly crowned Community Service Queen Brooklyn McClellan! Way to go girls.


Congratulations to the Divisional Winners:

Baby Queen: Citlali Cabrera

Tiny Queen: Olive Weeks

Little Queen: Amairani Cabrera

Petite Queen: Kallie Gill

Preteen Queen Kaydence Mckhun

High Point Queen: Hazel Gaspaire

Theme wear winner: Hazel Gaspaire

Theme wear runner-up: Kaydence Mckhun

Community Service Queen: Brooklyn McClellan

Regal Majesty royalty were also present to welcome these young ladies in the Regal family.

An overall successful pagea...

June 7, 2018

Every year, thousands across America buy Red Noses at Walgreens and go Nose to Nose to raise awareness and funds to help children in need. The vision? Creating a just world free from poverty. Red Nose Day has raised over $1 billion since its launch in the U.K. in 1988. 

This year Regal Majesty joined in with just a few people we know….

#RegalMajesty #RaisingLeaders #MakingADifference

For Regal Majesty International Petite Queen, Ginny Burgess, growing up with a sister with medical needs has been a challenge.  But despite multiple surgeries at Primary Children’s Hospital the family is stronger than ever in their support of each other.  The girls even compete together in pageants.  Maybe all of those challenges is why Ginny loves giving back so much.

Ginny was crowned International Petite Queen in Las Vegas, Nevada in July 2017.  She said “Regal Majesty is such an amazing system for so many reasons, but I love that it promotes community service.”

Ginny enjoys being able to spend time in the community serving others. This last month Ginny, age 9, hosted a charity pageant to raise money for her sister, Gema's State Regal fees and to raise money and collect toys for Primary Children's Hospital.  For every contestant who entered she donated one toy to Primary Children's Hospital. What started out to be small town pageant, quickly became a Tri-County pageant.


May 23, 2018