2nd Annual IMPACTeens Holiday Benefit Pageant

      December 7th 2019

    Registration is from 10:00-10:40 am

       Pageant 10:45-1pm

Held at The Victorian County Christmas

on the Opry stage 

 Compete in Holiday wear only

    Age groups

      2-3 years 

     4-6 years 

     7-9 years 

   10-12 years

      13-16 years  


5 Holiday Queens

One from each age division will be crowned in each age division will win a tiara and sash 

 All Runner ups will also receive a tiara.

 1 Supreme Festival Queen

The one contestant with the highest score from all the contestant will win the  she will win a Tiara,sash and special IMPACTeen award. 

 1  Holiday Angel Queen (can be double crowned ) 

The one Contestant who brings in the most new hats and gloves for our ECEAP drive. Will win a tiara, sash and a IMPACTeen award.

Please bring your new new gloves and hat donations in boxes or bags and please make sure you count them, then place the your name and count on the outside so we can verify the count .

What is ECEAP ?

Volunteers of America ECEAP Preschools offer  support and opportunities for children and their families to begin their school years healthy and ready to learn. The teachers and staff of VOAWW’s ECEAP and Community Preschool know that preschool children learn best with a fun, interactive curriculum.

What is The VOA Youth Coalition?

 The Youth Coalition is a group of high risk teens addressing the major concerns of teens today; hunger, substance abuse, bullying, self-harm and suicide. This little group came together in April of 2017.  They are not only educating the kids, but giving them ample opportunities to engage in positive activities which will allow them to build healthy self-esteem, and healthy relationships with each other, and with caring adults.

Many of our kids do not feel like they have trustworthy adults in their lives, to which they can turn with problems or successes, and be heard and supported. The Volunteers of America feels that if they can provide the kids with enough positive things to do, they will have less interest in doing things that hurt them. They also provide assistance with obtaining education and jobs, including resume building, obtaining food handler’s cards, and connection with potential employers.


These kids have volunteered their time to do everything from pulling weeds and taking junk to the garbage dump, to serving at dinners held in the city. When there is an event coming up, these trustworthy teens are called to assist. As part of the Lead2Feed challenge last year, the Teen Coalition group  a food pantry in the High School and the  Middle School, from which students can bring home weekend meal packs to carry them through days not at school. These pantries served over 400 weekend packs between April and June alone, last year.


Things to remember:

  • Price to compete is only $30 to be paid online (form below)Only 30 spots are available.  

  • To insure your spot is held, please fill out the form below and complete the donation payment.

  • Please arrive in your outfit or you can change in the restrooms, due to the space we will not have a change rooms

  • With your donation of the $30 you will receive 2 tickets to get into the Victorian Country Christmas  for  the date of 12/7/2019 

  • Your tickets will be under your contestant name at the will call booth

  • The tickets are for the one contestant and one parent only (if you need additional tickets you may buy them at the ticket window.

  • No custom music (upbeat holiday music will be provided to model to)

  •  All staff will be IMPACTeen Volunteers


Check in/donations drop off is from 10:00-10:40 am

Pageant will start at 10:45

crowning at 12:15

Pageant over at 1pm

IMPACTeen Holiday Benefit Pageant  
Entry Form

Cost to enter $30, which will be used to buy a gift card for the VOA Youth Coalition. So this a truly 100% benefit pageant.

ImpacTEENS founder Ashley Berginc
Pageant Emcee

LOCATION: Victorian Country Christmas   

WA State Fair Grounds

   11206 62nd Ave E, Puyallup, WA 98373         Inside the ShowPlex building

  Google Map